Joining the campaign

To ensure that Latinos have access to the information and resources to become citizens, are knowledgeable about the naturalization process and have assistance when becoming U.S. citizens, the ya es hora ¡Ciudadanía! Campaign will help mobilize a network of organizations that includes national partners, community organizations, local unions, service centers and others. Working together, these organizations will engage citizens to become U.S. citizens and provide access to information and resources about the naturalization process.

National Partners

Organizations with a national scope will be the linchpins of this effort.  These national partners bring trusted and recognizable names, memberships, satellite offices, and their own networks of partners.  National partners also offer leadership that can help community partners implement their local campaigns.

As a national partner, you can be an advocate, convener, and active service provider

Community Partners

Community partners determine the success of the ya es hora ¡Ciudadanía! Campaign.  They are its face to the public, inspiring people to participate and educating them about the importance of becoming a citizen, the naturalization process and empowering them to finally become citizens. 

As a community partner, you can become a part of the local leadership table and work towards engaging and mobilizing communities of people to become U.S. citizens. You can be a recruiter for the Campaign, dedicate resources (such as staff, meeting space), conduct citizenship workshops or staff other events, or serve as an Information Center.