Take the Oath

If USCIS approves your application, you must attend a ceremony and take the Oath of Allegiance of the United States. USCIS will notify you by mail of the time and date of your ceremony.


The ceremony is a wonderful experience and it requires just a few simple steps:

1.      Dress appropriately. The ceremony is an important event presided over by a judge and it marks the day that you become a U.S. citizen.

2.      Bring your oath ceremony appointment letter. "Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony" (Form N-445), and Permanent Resident Card.

3.      Arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony and check in with the USCIS.

4.      Be prepared to answer questions about your activities since your interview, as indicated on your appointment letter. 

5.      Return your Permanent Resident Card at check-in. You will no longer need it.

6.      Take the Oath of Allegiance. You will become a U.S. Citizen after you take this oath.

7.      Receive your Certificate of Naturalization.